Club Officers

Each Kiwanis club is governed by elected officers and a Board of Directors.

Elected Officers for Kiwanis Noon Club, 2016-17:
President: Cathie Rochau (10/1/16-9/30/17)
1st Vice President/President Elect: Mike Daly (10/1/16-9/30/17) 
2nd Vice President: Keith Bonjour (10/1/16-9/30/17)
Secretary: Mark Petersen (10/1/16-9/30/17)
Treasurer: Paul Schmitt (10/1/16-9/30/17)
Past President: Brent Nelson (10/1/16-9/30/2017)
                                                                      (From Left: Keith Bonjour, 2nd VP, Mike Daly, VP,
Cathie Rochau, President, Ed Kemnitz, Lt. Governor, 2016-17.
Noon Club Directors:
Cassie Krueger-  2017                                               Maureen Riggs - 2017                            Larry Sandefur - 2017
Jim Abbitt - 2018                                                       Kenneth Brooks - 2018                           Mary Chappel - 2018
Jennifer Higgins - 2019                                             Scott Raes - 2019                                    Lori VanderVinne - 2019
Noon Club Committee Chairs:
Builders Club/Seton: Mike Daly, Mark Petersen      Community/Civic Projects: Scott Raes
Finance: Paul Schmitt                                              
Fundraising: Keith Bonjour
House Committee: Larry Sandefur                           Membership: Ken Brooks
Programs/Speakers: Mike Daly                                "Porky Pig": Jerry Drucker, Reid Odean, Jim Mowen
Spiritual Aims: Jennifer Higgins                              
Youth Services: Co-Chairs Mary Chappel and Sara Jarmon

Noon Club Sub-Commitees:
Candy/Nut Sales: Maureen Riggs, Keith Bonjour      Ch
ristmas Party: Mike Daly, Larry Sandefur
Cupcake Sales: Keith Bonjour                                   Habitat for Humanity 100th home build: Mary Chappel
Inspirational Prayer Breakfast: Jerry Drucker            Lifesaver Day: Child Abuse Council
Operation Read: Cassie Krueger                               Pancake Day: Mike Daly
Rose Sales: Mike Daly, Jim Abbitt, Keith Bonjour
Trivia: Pete Wislander, Keith Bonjour, Jennifer Higgins, Lori VanderVinne, Cassie Krueger, Keith Bonjour, Cathie Rochau
Evening Club:
Cissy Wendt, President
Evan Johnson